The Marketing Strategy

And why you need it
The Marketing Strategy
And why you need it.
A marketing strategy ⚡️ describes what you will do in order to achieve desired results. It involves knowing exactly how you're going to reach these goals and why they matter.
It's easy to think of a marketing plan as something for major corporations — something for companies with huge budgets and teams of people working on them. But in fact it's necessary for all businesses at every stage of growth.
The first ☝️ step in developing a marketing plan is to build an outline that guides you through the process. It should include:
  • 1
    A mission statement to define who you are and what you do
  • 2
    A vision statement to indicate how you want to grow your company over time
  • 3
    An analysis of your current situation (or situation analysis)
  • 4
    A list of core capabilities that will help you achieve your growth goals
  • 5
    A list of goals that tie directly back into those core capabilities and the vision statement
Once you’ve completed this basic outline, it’s time to start filling in the details.
The next step is creating a value-complexity matrix—a visual representation of what value your business offers customers versus how complex its offerings are.
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Once you have this information at hand, it’s time to identify standards of performance and results tracking methods that will help keep track of whether or not those standards are being met.
You can use lots of templates to start building a clear marketing plan, you don't need to be an expert, on hubspot you can find some templates that will help you start!
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