The Marketing Channels

And the best ways to choose them!
The Marketing Channels
And the best ways to choose them!
In a world where retail is changing at a faster pace than ever before, it's not surprising that you're starting to see more and more companies using online and offline channels to sell their products.
The click-and-brick model is a strategy that involves the marriage of online and offline retail. Instead of just selling products online, some companies are beginning to open up physical spaces where customers can go in person to purchase their goods.
But what is driving this shift? ????
The clicks-to-bricks movement has been fueled ⚡️ by four factors:
The halo effect of physical retail: People like to see the thing they buy before they buy it—and then buy it again.
Escalating online costs and competition: As online retailers have grown and become more competitive, it has become more difficult for them to survive solely on the web.
More affordable physical rents and available space: With eCommerce growth, there are now more spaces available in retail centers that are affordable compared to other real estate options, such as office parks or warehouses.
High eCommerce return rates: With all of these factors converging at once, many companies are choosing to open brick-and-mortar stores instead of online stores alone in order to reduce their return rate and increase customer loyalty.
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